Rock Solid Cumulus Cloud Server

Cloud Servers

Fast, Secure Flexibility Custom Built Just for You!


Think you need a cloud server? Let’s start by getting to know you and your goals.

At Rock Solid, we don’t just sell cloud servers like chattel, we provide full I.T. solutions by first understanding your business needs, then we help you make the right choices. We’re here to hold your hand from decision making through to implementation and beyond.

After all, for Rock Solid, I.T. is all about relationships.

If you’re not sure that you need a cloud server, awesome, we need to talk.  There's a lot of talk about cloud servers and plenty of good reasons to use them but let's talk first and make sure that it fits your business needs.

Now, if you already know that a cloud server is what you need, fantastic. We’re here to make sure your move to the cloud is smooth as silk.

Rock Solid Cumulus servers are our babies. We continually, obsessively care for them and nurture them to make sure that they’re perfect for your business needs; not just when we set them up for you but moving forward too.

All of our equipment is located in Canada and can be accessed from anywhere with just about any device that has an Internet connection.

Included in your Cumulus Server: Latest version of Microsoft Office for all users, Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Email, Hourly Backups, Antivirus and Antimalware, General Server Maintenance, licenses for the Rock Solid CloudStore, and smiley, happy people to help you when you need it. Need other licensing? No problem. We can also provide many other Microsoft licenses including SQL and Project.

10 Reasons that Rock Solid Cumulus Cloud Servers Are Good for Your Business

Cost Savings
By moving to Rock Solid Cumulus servers your dependence on your desktop computers can be virtually eliminated. Your staff only needs to get connected to your Cumulus server. Existing equipment can be used longer and when it’s time, can be replaced with much less expensive equipment.
Licensing and Flexibility
If your business grows or shrinks or is seasonal, with Rock Solid Cumulus servers, you can scale your server, and your budget accordingly. This includes your licensing for items such as SQL, Microsoft Office, and many other Microsoft products. No longer are you stuck with licenses that you may not need a month or several months from now. Pay only for the months and users that you need.

Disaster Avoidance
Small businesses often lack cash or expertise to keep their I.T. secure and stable. Backups are forgotten and security updates are scary. We take care of all the heavy lifting as part of our commitment to you.
Convert CapEx to OpEx
Rock Solid Cumulus servers allow you to avoid the high capital costs that come with physical servers. Pay as you go for the resources that you need and use your capital to grow your business.

Rock Solid Cumulus servers allow you to control which staff members have access to your data. Keep your sales, accounting, and engineering documents in the hands of those that need it and only those hands.
Work From Anywhere
If you have an Internet connection, you can be at work. Desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, Chromebooks and better yet, thin clients (for those of you of an appropriate age, this is right back to the mainframe days with green-screen dumb terminals).

Increased Collaboration
Your teams can access, edit, and share documents from any location. They can do more together, more efficiently.
Our Cumulus servers use the latest in enterprise class equipment with redundant hardware, generator power, solid state SAS hard drives, and more RAM than many small companies have disk space.

Document Control
With staff constantly on the go, documents are constantly saved on laptops, tablets, and smartphones or they’re sent using e-mail or some file sharing service. Sooner or later, you end up with conflicting or missing documents or, worse yet, secure documents in the wild. With a Rock Solid Cumulus server, your data is stored centrally and can be accessed by your staff from anywhere.
Eco Friendly
On top of all of the points above, cloud servers are the green solution too. Your carbon footprint shrinks as you eliminate the servers that only have few years to live and, because your Rock Solid Cumulus server scales up and down with your needs, your consumption of energy does too.